Our aim is to provide anyone who wants to view a property in person the opportunity to do so in a safe and secure way, ensuring that we follow all Government guidelines in England, Wales & Scotland.

You can view up to date policies for each country using the links provided below:


With effect from 19th July 2021 there are no formal restrictions to viewings, however agents, homeowners and viewers should observe common sense risk mitigation practices, including but not limited to the following:

If available, we strongly encourage clients to view properties virtually in the first instance and then only request physical viewings for properties that you have a strong interest in. You may be asked to provide further information about your position in the market and your ability to purchase or rent the property before a physical viewing can be confirmed. Please do be prepared for this. This means that if you need to sell your house to move, we may ask you if you have your house on the market for sale or if it is ready to be advertised for sale, within a few days of your viewing. And where a mortgage is required, arrangements have been made to obtain a Decision in Principle from a Mortgage Lender. We can help with selling your home or finding the right mortgage for you, or you can make your own arrangements.

If on the day of your viewing you are suffering any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19 such as a high temperature (above 38 degrees), a persistent cough or loss of the sense of smell, please do not attend the viewing. We will be happy to rearrange once you are symptom free.

Use hand sanitiser before entering the property and when you leave it - there will be some available on the day if you do not have your own.

It is recommended that you wear suitable protective face coverings throughout the viewing.

We may ask you to wear overshoes - these will be provided for you on arrival at the property. So please make sure you do not wear high heeled shoes that are not compatible with an overshoe protector.

Refrain from touching door handles, cupboard doors and other surfaces - we will leave all doors to rooms open and any other spaces that you may wish to view.

To protect our agents all viewings should last less than 15 minutes to avoid the risk of infection and having to self-isolate, should anyone later develop symptoms of COVID-19.

Viewing times will be limited to no more than 15 minutes per viewing, there will be a 10-minute interval between each viewing to allow for our agent to carry out a check of the property and sanitise touch points.

Viewing appointments will no longer be restricted to 6 people from more than one household or two households. However, we strongly recommend that only those who intend to purchase/rent the property attend a viewing. We will also be mindful of our vendors/tenants personal situation when arranging viewings so there may be further restrictions as a result of this.


If any member of your household is suffering symptoms of COVID-19 please let us know immediately and we will rearrange all viewings.

Thoroughly clean your property prior to the viewings taking place using appropriate sanitising products and do so again once all viewers have left.

Open windows to allow for ventilation whilst viewings take place.

In the interest of all parties, please remove valuable items from sight and store in a secure location.

Allow access to hand washing facilities, providing paper towels or a separate hand towel - ensure that a suitable bin is available for disposal of paper towels and wash any hand towels immediately after the viewing has taken place. If using hand towels you will need to change these between viewings.

As is EweMove standard practice, we ask that you (and all other members of the household) vacate the property whilst the viewings are taking place. This supports a better viewer experience and also minimises the risk of cross infection.

Viewings will be accompanied by one of our agents.

We are strongly advising that only those customers who intend to purchase/rent a property attend a physical viewing. We will also be mindful of your personal situation when arranging viewings.

We will stagger appointments to reduce contact between parties and allow time to wipe down touch points before the next party arrives.


We will ensure that where available, prospective purchasers have viewed a video tour of your property and will only carry out physical viewings for those buyers that either have their property on the market or are in a position to place their property on the market once they have viewed. We ask for your assistance in preparing an initial 'video tour'.

Any buyers attending physical viewings will be asked if they are suffering symptoms or have been asked to self-isolate prior to attending. These records will be destroyed in accordance with our privacy policy - located here. We will also ask if they have travelled abroad prior to viewing and only allow viewings to those that have followed government advice in relation to the destination visited.

Prior to viewers arriving we will open all doors to rooms and any other spaces that someone may want to view and sanitise any surfaces that we have touched.

We will accompany viewers around the property, maintaining appropriate social distancing where required.

When the viewers leave the property, we will sanitise all door handles and any other surfaces that may have been touched before the next set of viewers arrive.

We will wear overshoes when inside the property.

Surfaces will only be touched where necessary.

If you have provided us with keys, we will ensure that these are sanitised and returned, or where agreed, we will securely retain a set of keys.

Where possible we will talk to viewers before they leave to obtain their feedback, if there isn't time to do so, we'll contact them within 24 hours.

You will be provided with feedback on all viewings and of course, if there are any offers, we will call you to discuss them immediately.

Last update: 19th July 2021